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Every piece of AKONG jewellery is made by meticulously by hand and therefore requires gentle handling.  

Following each wear, wipe the metal portions of the product and any crystals and gemstones gently with a soft cloth and store in a jewellery box or other location away from direct sources of light, heat, moisture or air conditioning. 

Please avoid direct contact with water (salt or fresh), excessive perspiration, and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, perfume, detergent and lotion.  

Most of our pieces consist of metal plated with 18k gold, rhodium, silver or hematite. The metals may darken or tarnish with normal wear. We recommend gently wiping the metal surface with a polishing cloth after each wear.  However, excessive polishing will rub off the plating and is not recommended.

Particularly on heavier pieces, after multiple usage, the sliding clasps may slacken and come apart during wear.  To fix this, simply open the clasp and give the hollow half a gentle squeeze to tighten the tube.

Some pieces of AKONG jewellery feature real semi-precious gemstones which may vary in shape, size and color. Inclusions that can be seen are a natural characteristic of the stones and should be considered a part of their beauty.