From Top Jewellery Designer, Nicole Akong, comes an Unmissable JEWELLERS' BOOTCAMP packed with intensive training for you to:

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Master The Art of Designing and Creating Akong Jewellery

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Why This Bootcamp?

It’s been my absolute privilege to produce collections that have inspired legions of fellow designers to ignite their own creative expression. It is from this point of inspiration that several designers, and some customers, at different times, asked me whether I would consider teaching or mentoring them. And with my days of professional jewellery-making over, I feel that now’s the time to pass on all the jewellery-making knowledge and skills I’ve mastered over the years, to open up a whole new field of possibilities for the next generation of designers who are looking to be inspired and learn something new.

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Who is it for?


It is suitable for beginners, as well as more established makers who want to enhance their jewellery-making skills and learn the exact techniques I used throughout my own collections.

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What is different about this training?

My ‘formal’ jewellery training consisted of a 1-day class where I learnt the basics of jewellery construction. From there, through tireless dedication to my craft (and lots of trial-and-error!) I honed these techniques to produce truly refined and magnificent pieces. I’ll be sharing all the secrets that propelled me into the spotlight of the fashion jewellery world, mere months after I started presenting my work.

Everything I know about designing and making jewellery, and creating a successful business out of it, I share honestly and openly. This extends way beyond the technical skills I give you during your training. I will also share insights, and coach you on the MINDSET you will need to develop to truly tap in to the wealth of creativity that lies within you, even if you don’t consider yourself naturally creative at all.

It will be an intensive learning process that will require you to commit yourself fully, and afterwards, could open up new creative opportunities for you through collaboration with me and/or others. 

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How is the training structured?

Each week's masterclass is delivered as a series of bite-sized video demonstrations, during which you will:

  • Learn and master new jewellery-making skills starting with the basics in Week 1 and working up to more highly advanced techniques by Week 3

  • Incorporate valuable design tips and hacks so you can begin to produce polished and professional work right from the start

  • Be able to recreate an original Akong piece yourself at home

  • Start creating your own Akong-inspired designs

The training was delivered live over webinar when it was first released, followed up by a live Q&A round-up session during the following week. What you will be accessing now is the edited recordings from those first webinars, as well as the pre-recorded HD tutorials outlined above.

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What will you learn each week?

Here’s an overview of what you will learn during each week's masterclass.


Introduction to Jewellery-Making

  • Welcome from Nicole

  • Getting Ready

  • Overview of basic jewellery-making tools

  • Overview of basic jewellery-making materials

  • Examples of how different materials and tools have been used to create particular Akong jewellery pieces

  • BONUS! Sourcing supplies – a list of the companies I used to source most of my jewellery supplies along with shopping links or contacts

WEEK 1 - Jewellery-Making Basics – Design, Techniques and Construction

  • Introduction – including a walkthrough of Akong pieces that you will know how to make by the end of the class

  • Bread-and-Butter – learning and mastering the basic jewellery-making techniques that will allow you to make almost any piece of basic costume jewellery

  • Design inspiration – ideas for how these basic techniques can be used in more creative ways to elevate your designs

  • BONUS! Hints, tips and hacks for achieving a polished and professional finish to your designs

  • BONUS! Full step-by-step tutorial of a simple Akong piece

  • Getting Ready for Week 2:

  • Intermediate-level jewellery-making tools

  • New jewellery-making materials you may wish to source for next week’s class

WEEK 2 - Elevating Your Designs - Intermediate Jewellery-Making Techniques

  • Introduction – what it takes to create a best-selling design, plus a walkthrough of Akong pieces that you will know how to make by the end of the class

  • Learn and Master Working with Trims

  • Different types of trims – e.g. ribbons, cords, feathers, fur, pom poms, tassels, fringes, etc

  • Different ways to use, incorporate and finish each type

  • Making your own bows and tassels

  • Inspiration – examples of how I have used trims to elevate designs

  • Learn and Master Using Crystal Elements

  • Different types of crystal elements – e.g. cupchains, single stone settings, multi-stone settings, spacers, rondelles

  • Incorporating cupchains and stone settings

  • BONUS! Hints, tips and hacks for using crystal elements to elevate your designs

  • BONUS! Full step-by-step tutorial of a best-selling Akong piece

  • Getting Ready for Week 3

  • Advanced-level jewellery-making tools and equipment

  • New jewellery-making materials you may wish to source for next week’s class

WEEK 3 - Advanced Jewellery-Making Techniques - Weaving & Stitching

  • Introduction – including walkthrough of Akong pieces that you will know how to make by the end of the class

  • Learn and Master Weaving and Stitching Construction Techniques

  • Basic weaving and stitching techniques

  • Advanced weaving and stitching techniques

  • Design inspiration – ideas on how to use these techniques to create best-selling designs

  • BONUS! Full step-by-step tutorial of an advanced-level Akong piece

WEEK 4 - Advanced Jewellery-Making Techniques - Working with Metal Settings

  • Learn and Master Advanced Techniques for Working with Stone Settings

  • Customising stone settings

  • Drilling & placement

  • Creating bespoke shapes using custom stone settings

  • BONUS! How To Do Your Own Gold Plating – Learn what equipment you need and the step-by-step process for doing your own 18k or 24k gold plating at home

BONUS WEEK - Going Professional

  • Introduction – Taking the big step of turning your passion for jewellery-making into a business

  • Starting up in business

  • Overview of the buying industry for costume jewellery

  • Different ways to enter the market

  • Working out your pricing

  • Marketing and exposure of your brand

  • Trading internationally

  • Finding and navigating your own path

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A New Field of Opportunities Await You – For Less than the price of an Akong necklace!

One of my strongest guiding principles has always been “Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.

The money I paid to do a 1-day Introduction to Jewellery Making class back in 2008 – the one day that would go on to change the entire course of my life – was the best investment I ever made. Just building on what I learnt that day, I was able to completely change my career and do something that was truly worthy of my creativity and talent. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What you will learn and experience during this bootcamp will open up whole new avenues for you to explore. You will have the knowledge and skills to completely change or transform your livelihood and career, if that is something that is calling to you right now. Remember, all I started with was a few simple tools and materials, but with INSPIRATION and VISION, I built Akong into one of the most sought-after fashion jewellery brands in the world. And if I could do it, you can do it too!

For just £375, after just 4 weeks of intensive training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Create your own Akong-inspired jewellery for sale on my website and other platforms

  • Design and make your own line of jewellery

  • Start or grow your professional jewellery business

  • Support others and be supported on your new learning journey through our private Facebook community

All that and more for just £79 a class!

PLUS, if you have any questions as you proceed through the training, you can submit them to me at anytime using Facebook Messenger.

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Start your training risk-free for 14 days

I want to give you an opportunity to see first-hand whether you think this bootcamp is for you, without any risk.

So ENROL NOW for the Akong Jewellers Intensive Bootcamp and try the experience for the first two weeks. If you don’t LOVE what you’re learning or if you don’t like the way the training is delivered, I will refund you the entire cost of the bootcamp.

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